Over the past 30 years, ArmorThane has finely tuned their advanced polymer formulations with a series of unparalleled and unrivaled polyurea and polyurethane products with far better fire retardancy, low VOCs, and faster response times than all others in the industry. Their current line of coatings is amongst the most advanced resins to have ever existed. More than any other polymer coatings, these polyureas stick out in their versatility, toughness, and longevity. They are the next step in the development of protective coatings.

According to their literature, their coatings (such as UltraBlast) can withstand tensile strengths up to 7,100 PSI. It can also resist tearing up to and exceeding 800 lbs per inch. Without a doubt, ArmorThane’s coatings are tough stuff. Their coatings are also proven to be watertight, abrasion/impact-resistant, and even fire-resistant. 

Quick Reaction Time

Insanely quick response time is a unique advantage of ArmorThane’s polyurea products. This is especially true with its pure polyurea products such as UltraBlast.

Their product’s rapid response time (around 5 seconds) leaves other polyurethane blended and epoxy products in the dirt. It is an autocatalytic polymer that will harden on impact. We found this to be true in every test we have completed with their products. In our blast tests using UltraBlast, we found the spray was hard on contact, and their product overachieved every time.

Moisture Insensitivity

Where dampness or humidity is a problem, ArmorThane’s polyureas surpass any product on the marketplace today. Polyurethanes can be sensitive to high humidity and also moisture in a substratum. Therefore, they will react with climatic wetness or high humidity to produce carbon dioxide gas and trigger lathering and pinholes in the surface area. On the other hand, ArmorThane’s polyureas are not affected by moisture.

We found ArmorThane’s polyurea system so quick that the dampness response can not occur in our moisture testing. For that reason, their polyurea systems are not sensitive to wetness and moisture and do not usually produce carbon dioxide bubbles. This is an advantage in environments or regions with high moisture or dewpoints.

On the whole, ArmorThane’s products are a more versatile protector than all others on the market today. They are stronger yet more reactive, longer-lasting, and more reliable than the rest. We have been amazed every time we test a new product, ArmorThane releases. We will continue to do our rigorous testing each time there is a newly updated product. However, as we see it now, if another company overtakes them, it will not happen any time soon.

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