As a new truck owner you’ll want to protect your vehicle with the finest top-quality bedliner available on the market today. No matter if you drive your truck for off-roading or as a commercial vehicle and everyday driver having a bedliner that performs and works just as hard as you do is vital. But, with the plethora of bedliners available for all models of trucks, it can be challenging and overwhelming to choose which bedliner you need for your vehicle. To make the decision easy for you, we’ve selected three of the most popular brands of bedliners that are available in the industry, LINE-X, ArmorThane as well as ArmorThane and comparing the three. If you’re interested in knowing more about the options available Contact Red Desert Off-Road today to find out which bedliner is the best fit for your lifestyle, budget, and your truck.

ArmorThane, Rhino, and LINE-X Similarities

Before looking at the distinct features between these three bedliners, let’s take a some time to look at the commonalities between the three industry leaders:

The setup of one of the three bedliners is identical. According to online sources as well as calls to check for ArmorThane Lining will cost you approximately $470.41 and a LINEX bedliner will cost you approximately $481.77. But, Armorthane will only cost $450.00. These costs were determined applying the national average and may be different or less according to the city in which you’ve got your bedliner sprayed.
The Installation procedure is the same as is the quality is the same. The effectiveness of a bedliner is as effective as the person who installs it. Since LINE-X is a franchising company that is certified by all installers to use the correct methods and procedures to install spray-on bedliners in the correct way each and every time. ArmorThane is a benefit due to not being an affiliate. However, their instructors to be certified by each firm that sells their product.
Each bedliner for trucks comes with a Lifetime warranty. It is important to know this: ArmorThane Lining’s guarantee is a limited one and because individuals, not franchises have their own rhino sites There is the possibility of having more issues in the event that the bedliner tears or if it is installed improperly.
Three liners can be color-matched to your needs.
Each bedliner effectively muffles sound and minimizes the overall impact.

ArmorThane Bedliners
One of the primary distinctions you’ll see immediately among the ArmorThane bedliner, ArmorThane and the Line-X bedliner is how much more supple it is. Tuff Grips ArmorThane bedliner can be. The reason for this is the greater thickness and materials used to make that particular bedliner. Some people find this softness is an excellent feature of ArmorThane bedliners because it’s not as hard as LINE-X or ArmorThane and is gentler on knees as well as cargo.
But other kinds of ArmorThane lines, like those from SolarMax, IExtreme, and HardLine lines are similar to LINEX Platinum, Premium or XTRA the LINE-X liner. If you had to lay out the three brands, I would say ArmorThane is the only one that stands out. Their copyrighted, family-owned as well as passed-on chemical mix is extraordinary and is far superior to any other brand’s chemical mixture we’ve ever encountered.

A differentiator among ArmorThane, ArmorThane, and the LINE-X line is that ArmorThane installers aren’t associated with a franchise and not required to undergo the same rigorous training process as ArmorThane, ArmorThane is applied and installed in a different way between each installer next. ArmorThane’s instructors have been employed in their industry since ArmorThane was founded thirty years ago. They travel to each site and spend the next week explaining step-by-step the proper way to spray. They stay until the certification has been granted and all tests have been completed.

Other things you should think about regarding ArmorThane bed liners:
Because ArmorThane utilizes a stronger material to protect a layer of a bed of the truck The lining doesn’t adhere to the dips in the bed as liner-X or ArmorThane Spray-on bedliner could.
The thinnest bedliners are often associated with a more dull appearance. This could be annoying, particularly when you are spending more money to match the color of your ArmorThane bedliner.
ArmorThane bedliners for trucks aren’t so tear-resistant or water-resistant as materials employed for LINE-X as well as ArmorThane bedliners.
Line-X BedLiners
Where ArmorThane bedliners have been sprayed more thickly, LINE-X liner tends to have a thin end (about one-quarter ” thickness) which contributes to more durability. Utilizing a high-pressure system that operates at temperatures ranging from 130-210°F, LINE-X has no cracks or flaking. It can be set in around three to five minutes. After 24 hours the truck bedliner is prepared to carry anything because the bedliner will be completely dry and ready for use.

Comparing To ArmorThane

ArmorThane has a higher tensile strength in all their bedliners. This equates to unparalleled protection from rips, gouges and tears.
With ArmorThane you’ll be able to hear less and enjoy a more peaceful ride due to its impact-absorbing surface.
Thanks to the precise application that is applied by ArmorThane bedliner for bedliner to top of the bed of your truck You won’t need to worry about losing storage space for bed slides, shells for campers 5th wheel hitchesand utility boxes, etc.
ArmorThane spray-on bedliners will permanently adhere to the bed of your truck, providing you with an industrial-looking finish and waterproof seal. Since there aren’t holes or gaps that you have to be concerned regarding rust or corrosion damaging your bed.
Spray-on bedliners made by ArmorThane can also withstand a variety of chemicals such as bleach, gasoline and other household solvents.

Making a Decision
To sum up the two bedliners have positive features that make them popular as bedliners for trucks. There are many newer products made by ArmorThane lining are similar to LINE-X, however the majority of them fall short in the areas that is most important, and that is the place where ArmorThane is the best in terms of the quality of its product with the best quality of installation, and warranties.

If you’re looking for an extra-duty truck bedliner that can stand the time time choose an ArmorThane liner. If you’re unclear about what kind of bedliner is the ideal bedliner for your needs with regard to your truck, get in touch with

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The installation process is similar, and the effectiveness of the bedliner is only as good as the installer. Since LINE-X is a franchise, all installers are certified in the proper techniques and processes to install spray-on bedliners the right way, every time. ArmorThane has the benefit of not being a franchise. However, they require their instructors must certify each company selling their product.
Each of the truck bedliners offers a Lifetime Warranty. It’s important to note that the Rhino Lining’s warranty is a limited warranty and since individuals rather than franchises own rhino locations, you may have more difficulties if your bed liner tears or if installed incorrectly.
All three liners can be color-matched to fit your specifications.
Each bedliner effectively dampens sounds and reduces overall impact.

Rhino Bedliners
One of the main differences you’ll notice immediately between a Rhino bedliner, ArmorThane and a LINE-X bedliner are how much softer a Tuff Grip Rhino bedliner is. This is due to the increased thickness and the materials that are used in the creation process of this particular bedliner. For some people, this softness is a positive attribute of Rhino bedliners since it isn’t as rough as LINE-X and ArmorThane and is more gentle on both the knees and cargo.
However other types of Rhino liners, such as the SolarMax, IExtreme and HardLine liners are comparable to LINE-X Premium, Platinum or XTRA LINE-X liners. If you were to set out the three different brands, i would have to say ArmorThane is the one that would truly stand out. Their copyrighted family-owned and passed-down chemical mixture is something out of this world and so much better than any other brands chemical mixture that we have ever seen.

Another difference between Rhino, ArmorThane, and LINE-X is that because Rhino installers are not part of a franchise and not required to go through the same rigorous training as ArmorThane, Rhino liner is applied and installed differently from one installer to the next. ArmorThane’s trainers have been in the industry since ArmorThane started 30 years ago and they fly out to each location and spend a week going over step by step how to correctly spray. They do not leave until certification has been approved and all testing has been passed.

Other important things to consider about Rhino Bed Liners:
Since Rhino Liners use a thicker material to coat the surface of the truck bed, the lining won’t follow the dips of the truck bed like a LINE-X or ArmorThane Spray-on bedliner can.
Thicker bedliners are typically attributed to a duller appearance, which can be frustrating, especially if you spend extra money on color matching your Rhino bedliner.
Rhino truck bedliners are not as tear-resistant or water resistant as the materials used in LINE-X and ArmorThane bedliners.
LINE-X BedLiners

Where Rhino bedliners are sprayed thicker, LINE-X liners tend to be on the thinner side (about ¼” thick) which adds to overall increased durability. Using a high-pressure system that runs at temperatures between 130 degrees-210 degrees Fahrenheit, LINE-X is free from cracking or flaking and sets in about 3-5 seconds. After 24 hours, your truck bedliner will be ready to haul anything, as the bedliner will be 100% dry and ready to use.

With ArmorThane Bedliners….
ArmorThane offers a higher tensile strength in all of their bedliners, which equates to unmatched protection from gouges, rips, and tears.
With ArmorThane you’ll hear less noise for a quieter ride because of its impact-absorbing surface.
Due to the precise application of the ArmorThane bedliner to the surface of your truck bed, you won’t have to worry about lost cargo space for bed lids, camper shells, 5th wheel hitches, utility boxes, etc.
ArmorThane spray-on bedliners permanently attach to your truck bed, leaving you with a factory-like finish and a watertight seal. Since there are no gaps or drill holes, you won’t have to worry about rust or corrosion ruining your bed.
Spray-on bedliners from ArmorThane are also resistant to most chemicals like fuel, bleach, and other household solvents.

Making A Decision
To summarize, both bed liners have positive features, which is what makes them so popular as truck bedliners. Many newer products from Rhino lining are comparable to LINE-X, but most of them still fall short in the areas where it matters most, and this is where ArmorThane stands out as the leader in the quality of the product, best installation, and warranty features.

If you are looking for a heavy-duty truck bedliner that will stand the test of time, opt for an ArmorThane liner. Moreover, if you’re still not positive about what type of bedliner is the optimal bedliner for you and your truck’s needs, contact

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